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Super Hero Movies, that is all
Matt Maddestra

I as a person LOVE Aquaman. I as a person LOVE superhero films. Who else thinks its about time Warner Bros got their cogs turning and gave us the Aquaman movie we deserve?

Anyone who's read the Justice League Origins comic by Jim Lee, Geoff Jones, and Scott Williams has seen [Aquaman](movie:264237) destroy parademons and diss everyone who believes the pop-culture stereotype that he "talks to fish". We've also seen him go toe to toe with [The Flash](movie:15273), Shazam, and even himself in the popular Injustice video-game. Although not canon, it did a lot to introduce to mainstream audiences that Aquaman is cool. Now that we have the hype of a [Justice League](movie:401267) movie as well as several DC Cinematic Universe JLA spin-offs, its the perfect time to introduce the King of Atlantis in his own film.

Part 1: Casting

Our first order of business is to do what movie fans do best, predict unrealistic casting choices for our favorite characters. Who knows, it may become a reality!


Who should be our Movie Aquaman?

These are only four suggestions that I personally would like to see, feel free to list more in the comments and I will add them to the poll.


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