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The Horror Honeys

The best thing about horror, is that it's such an inclusive genre. Contrary to the source this story came from, I actually really enjoyed the original Skyline (2010). An alien invasion thriller that I was NOT aware was an indie film. Skyline featured a unique (and totally horrifying) alien invasion, great makeup effects, and some of the better human subjugations I've seen in a while. Plus, it has a twist ending that did hint quite heavily at a sequel, and it's a sequel I would totally line up to watch.

Nabbed from Bloody Disgusting, here is the first sales art for Beyond Skyline which is being shopped at Cannes - rumored to be directed by first time director Liam O’Donnell (producer of Skyline, The Bay, and Chimera), who also was a part of the Visual FX team on Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Hydraulx Entertainment (the VFX team responsible for Battle: Los Angeles, Captain America, 2012, and more) is behind the sequel, and if the team is going to offer similar VFX work to what appeared in the original film, my fingers are crossed that a sequel is on the horizon (see what I did there), and that we'll see a new Sci-Fi Horror film in 2016 with (for those who've seen the original) a theme of uprising and more than likely, some epic explosions.


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