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There have been rumors of Portal and Half-Life movies, the thing is: would they work as movies? They are both great games, but would they be great movies?

Let's talk about a [Portal](movie:858230) movie, in order for a Portal movie to be good, it can't be just like the game, that would be boring. But, with some tweaks here and there it could turn out pretty good.

A Portal movie focused on someone other than Chell could work, but I would prefer Chell in the movie, as she is the main character. If they were to make a Portal movie about Chell, would she actually speak in it? Who will play Chell? I am thinking someone along the lines of Sarah Hyland.

A [Half-Life](movie:765408) movie would probably work with some alterations, I mean there is a lot of dialogue, and with the right director and writer it could turn out pretty great. Both games would have to change a lot to work as a movie, but Half-Life wouldn't need anywhere near as many changes as Portal would to work.

There is no doubt that Hugh Laurie or Bryan Cranston should play Gordon, but what about the others? Not too sure about the others.

In conclusion, Portal could work, but probably won't, and Half-Life would work with some changes. Both are amazing games and personally I think they should stay games and not become movies, because they have a high chance of not being very good movies, but I could be wrong.

What do you guys think, would it be at least something while we wait for Half-Life 3? Let me know in the comments below!


Do you think Portal and Half Life will be any good as movies?


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