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The King of the Monsters is back. Godzilla was released back to western audiences and then worldwide. Its has received great praised and ANYONE will agree its better then the 1998 trash we got. A sequel has been green lighted already. Its pretty obvious he will fight another monster, and possibly one of the classic monster. But which one? Here Im going to list ideas for villains in the movie. Note I will follow by the rules this movie has. So lets go through

3. Monster vs Aliens

Aliens are pretty much common in the Godzilla universe. A lot of his foes are aliens, or are controlled by Aliens. Whether you prefer the Matrix style Xilians, or the cold star trek looking ones. We can all say the aliens were awesome in the Godzilla movies

But if aliens are coming which monster should they bring to fight the King of the Monsters? Well the two highest possibilities are Gigan and Ghidorah

They are the two most well known villains in the Godzilla movies who are also aliens. Both are very powerful and can challenge the King easily. While both are awesome, and both would be great to see. And if I had to choose one, I think Ghidorah would be the one I prefer. The reason why is because he is the one who fought Godzilla the most. He has fought Godzilla six times( Ghidrah: the three headed monster, Godzilla vs Monster Zero, Destroy all Monsters, Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, GMKG:Giant Mosnters all out attack, and Final Wars) Its obvious to say King Ghidorah is the rival of Godzilla

However I dont think aliens would be in the sequel. The reason why is because this movie seems to be trying to go for a more realistic edge(or as realisitc as you can make a Godzilla movie, without it being the 1998 trash) But who knows maybe a later sequel will have Aliens.

2. Man vs Nature

Now this is one that seems more likely. Godzilla wasnt a hero. He was a animal in the movie, and while the end shows people think he is a hero, lets really think. If something has amazing power, what do people usually do. Fear it

We seen this many times in movies. Mostly in superhero films. A hero with amazing power, that blows away all human weapons, and defenses, they usually try and make a weapon to counter attack it if it ever goes rogue. We seen this in the Justice League Cartoon, and The Avengers. And of course the Godzilla films.|
So they make the Godzilla Defense Force, and of course its going to be a mecha. But which one? Well there is a obvious choice.....MECHAGODZILLA!

Yes the only mecha that man kind made(except for the Showa MechaGodzilla..that was aliens) That rivals The king of the Monsters. Now the one that seems likely, and the one I want is Kiryu

Kiryu is made from the skeleton of the original Godzilla, who died in 1954. And know what they can do that in the next movie. The movie shows a Godzilla skeleton, when we first see the MUTO cocoons. Now if they were going to use Kiryu, they already have the base. lets hope this one happens

1. Nature vs Nature

This one is another that seems very likely. The majority of Godzilla monsters are monsters that are basically like him animals, Godzilla in this movie didnt seem like a hero. Some people may have thought that but if you pay attention Godzilla is just being a animal(which is what he is) he is attacking the MUTO not because he is good but because they are his natural prey, which the movie basically says. He isnt a hero he is a force of nature. Which basically what he is.

The reason why this one seems likely is because Gareth Edwards wants to do a Mosnter Island concept. Of course Monsters are on the island. If so Godzilla will fight them. But which one? There are so many. Here are three he should fight, or ones I want to see him fight.

Anguirus was the first monster Godzilla ever fought, and if they do have him fight more familiar monster, they should have him fight Anguirus, or at least a small fight scene with Anguirus. Either way I will be pleased.

Who doesnt know of Rodan? A enemy turned Ally, Rodan has been known to butt-heads with Godzilla, but also help him fight. He even brought him back to life. Again even if its a small fight scene, I will be pleased.

Mothra, if Godzilla is the King of the Monsters, then she is the Queen. Mothra has been known as defender of humanity. Now if Godzilla gets out of line she usually straightens him out(which usually results in her death, and her babies saving her) Mothra would be perfect if they go a Nature vs Nature route. If Godzilla starts attacks humanity then who better then the Defender of Humanity to save them. Now if they do have Mothra, should they feature her larva form?

Yes. Because Mothra has always been featured in her Larva form, and its the larva that usually beat Godzilla. And the possibilities for what ever metamorphosis ideas they have would be awesome to see.

I enjoyed this movie, and hopefully will enjoy the sequel. Tell me what you all think
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