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Fantastic Four has been in the filming and production stage for nearly a month now. Somehow, absolutely no pictures have leaked on set of the movie yet, and we barely know anything about the movie other than the cast and production crew. Much to our grumpy dismay, I might add! However, it seems as though [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667)'s covert plans have been leaked online! On Location Vacations is reporting that today, May 27th, Fantastic Four will be filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

"Fantastic Four is filming around Quida Mae Dr and Greenwell St Baton Rouge."

Though it's highly unlikely for you to be allowed anywhere near the actual set if you happen to live near enough to visit, visitors have been known to get a glimpse of some of the actors and/or actresses on occasion! If you're lucky you may even find a great angle you could see some of the filming from!

It's rather unusual for a movie franchise to have gone an entire month with filming and not have leaked any images from on set already! Marvel's [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) has already unintentionally leaked hundreds of images and quite a handful of videos despite having only been filming for two measly months! Come on, let us have it already! We're starving for some juicy tidbits!

Could the Fantastic Four have some crazy alterations that they're trying to hide from us until the first trailer?! Oooh, maybe it's a surprise! We love surprises! But we DO already know, by the way the director has been talking about the movie, that this ensemble will be very different than what we will be expecting and assuming from earlier films. What does that mean though? We don't know yet! We'll have to wait and see!

Please respect the filming process and honor what they ask of pedestrians near the set.


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