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With Frozen now having surpassed Iron Man 3 to become the 5th biggest box office hit in history, everyone is asking the same question! Will we be seeing a sequel to this movie?! When you look at the statistics of such a huge money making movie and the fact that the movie is owned by, you know, Disney, the chances of us seeing a sequel is very, very, hiiiighly likely! Whether you want to sing it or not there is most likely, definitely probably going to be a Frozen 2 of some sorts. I mean, who would give up the chance to make another movie that could potentially make more than a BILLION dollars just at box office?! You'd be insane not to! I'm pretty sure the fans want it too!

Idina Menzel and Josh Gad seem to be up for a sequel as well! Backstage of Broadway's If/Then musical, these two singers from Disney's [Frozen](movie:411685), who respectively voice (and sing) the parts for Elsa and Olaf, posted this picture via twitter jokingly suggesting a love story between the two in a possible Frozen 2!

Despite the fact that they were likely just joking, it does seem as though the two identify themselves very closely with the movie, and by the looks of it wouldn't turn down an opportunity to work together again!

Elsa and Olaf aren't the only cast members up for a sequel! The voice actor of Anna, none other than Veronica Mars' wonderful Kristen Bell, has said that she'd be ever so happy to play the character for a sequel!

I wouldn't even begin to throw out what I thought Anna would be doing. But if they write it, I will voice it. Happily.

Now all we need is Kristoff's Jonathan Groff, and possibly some other returning actors and we have ourselves a crew ready to take on the heartwarming tundra of Frozen 2! What would the storyline be?! Could there be other people who have different elemental powers like Elsa? Do they always have snow powers? Are there more twists and turns in the storyline? More romance and adventure?!

How about you tell us in the comments below!


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