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With X-Men DOFP releasing this weekend I thought it would be a good idea to propose my theory on how X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man can all coexist in a shared universe.

WARNING: Spoilers of X-Men DOFP and Amazing Spider-Man 2 are going to be given. You have been warned. Alright, you’re still here. Good. So let me get this started by saying how frustrated I am with the ending of X-Men DOFP. Like seriously! You just kill off some of our favorite heroes in past movies and make us suffer through it and then bring them back years later (not to mention that huge tease Wolverine went through when he first saw Jean and then Cyclops… It frustrates me just thinking about it, but I digest). Still, all that can be certain about the X-Men universe now is that X-Men First Class happened and maybe the first X-Men movie. SO, if Fox could return to having the X-men/ Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters being “secretive”, then Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four would still be consider “supers” in their universe by the common people, as opposed to them just being viewed as another mutant. So maybe a way this could be addressed is in the upcoming X-Force movie coming out with a scene including Wolverine and Professor Xavier and Wolverine asks “why we can’t we ask the Fantastic Four to help, professor” and Xavier gives some higher intellectual reason why humans aren’t ready for mutant kind or whatever.

This would be a good way to start all of them joining together. However, the best way to have the Fantastic Four and Spider-man together would be through Johnny Storm.

Why Johnny Storm you ask? Very good question. In the marvel ultimate universe, Spiderman (pre Miles Morales era) is good friends with Johnny Storm and Ice Man These two characters both have very similar characteristics such that both joke around a little too much so maybe they could have a little witty banter going on. So it would be cool to have Johnny and Peter maybe go to a class together in college and then Peter recognizes Johnny but struggles to talk to him even though he wants to be a part of the Fantastic Four. It will be easy because the new cast is much younger than the original take on the Fantastic Four. It also might help bridge some of the racial issues with Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch.

Then a good way for Spider man to have connections with the x-men would be simple because for a brief period Peter did date Kitty Pryde which would flow pretty well in their shared Universe. Maybe Kitty asks Spider-Man to tag along for a battle with her or something. I would hope that Kitty would get re-casted. I’m not saying anything bad against Ellen Page but I just don’t think she would work very well with Andrew Garfield. However, if all of these characters would be together in the same film, it would have to be big(like Avengers big). The movie couldn’t be called the Amazing Spider and Fantastic Four vs. the X-men or something cheesy like that. I think they should go with The Ultimates. The Ultimates (yes I am aware) is basically the Avengers from a different universe, but I feel that the name would be a stronger name than any other that the Marvel Comic Universe has to offer except the Defenders, which is already taken. So that is my theory on how Fox and Sony should pool together their superhero movies together.


Would it be good for these movies to mixed into a shared Universe?


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