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There are reports coming from the set of The Walking Dead that none other than Beth Greene - MIA since last season - has been spotted during filming.

Here's The Spoiling Dead Fans with the scoop:

A white van just pulled up to the house in Griffin. The van pulled right up to the steps of the house. Two security guards stepped out and a blonde woman in dirty looking clothes exited the van and was rushed inside. We are trying to confirm if it's her or not. More as we get it.

The house in question is the same one we've seen in the leaked set images, and the location I speculated was most likely to hold Beth.

This place:

There were reports of explosions, gunfire and images of bullet-riddled cars at this location, so whatever went down, it went down heavy.

I have a couple of loose theories: First, Beth is being held captive here and Rick and the group bust her out; second, Beth was being kept safe by Father Gabriel, Rick and the gang find her but then come under attack from Gareth and the Termites who are pissed their 'dinner' escaped. A massive firefight ensues. People die.

What do you think?


Is Beth being held captive or kept safe?


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