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Filming on The Walking Dead Season 5 is starting to get serious, with images of bloodstained doors and bullet-riddled cars emerging from the set.

The filming took place at the same location we reported on last week and thanks to the sterling work by the guys over at The Spoiling Dead Fans, we've got a slew of new images plus a description of the scene in question:

Is this where Beth is being held?
Is this where Beth is being held?

Here's the description of the scene:

More photos from Fridays filming. There seems to have been some small explosion at the front door. Possibly trying to blast there way through the steel covered door to get inside? They must have really wanted to get inside!

Sounds like whoever was inside the house really didn't want to be disturbed. Could this be the location Beth is being held?

These shot-up cars were also spotted on location:

The paint job is bad shape
The paint job is bad shape
This car ain't roadworthy
This car ain't roadworthy

I don't think this automobile is going to pass its inspection...

So what is going on here?

Here's my theory: this scene takes place after Rick and the group have escaped Terminus. They somehow learn of Beth's whereabouts - perhaps from one of the Termites? - and approach the house; the car gets shot up by whoever's inside, forcing the group to take the house by storm: hence the blood and blasts at the house.

Of course this theory could just be the work of an overactive imagination. What do you think is going here?


Do you think Beth is at the house?


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