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Sighs all round for Woodyas back to continental Europe he goes...

Woody Allen spent the best part of a decade swanning around some of Europe's favourite watering holes before his triumphant return to the states with Blue Jasmine last year. The Cate Blanchett starring film was seen as a great return to form for the director and made many believe they had seen an end to his continental trips. Alas, that was not to be.

Magic in the Moonlight finds Woody back on the Riviera with Emma Stone in a starring role. The first trailer just dropped. Get stuck in below.

A continuation of that fine return to form? We regrettably think not. All of these postcards have been so lacking in edge or bite; always focusing on the sun kissed world of the bourgeois elite. Stone and Firth are hardly lacking in charm but with 28 years between, a romance just feels dubious too.

This will be the New York legend's 49th film as directer and with Joaquin Phoenix and Stone already signed on for number 50, as usual we won't have to wait too long to see what comes next.

For now though, Magic in the Moonlight hits theatres on July 25th


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