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Have you ever wondered what your favorite movies would have been like if they'd been directed by an entirely different director? We've already asked the question of how different [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) would be if JJ Abrams were not directing it here, but what about the directors that almost were with the original trilogy?

As it turns out, David Lynch was close to directing Return of the Jedi - having been offered the role by George Lucas himself. Which, in all honesty, sounds like the weirdest combination ever - especially if you've seen Lynch's take on the sci-fi classic Dune. There are images of Sting from that movie that can never be removed from your retinas.

It also, however, sounds absolutely incredible. Thankfully, a Youtube user named C-SPIT felt much the same, and so, a video was born.

You can check it out below - but be warned, it's as mind-blowing as the Death Star is threatening to Alderaan.

Mind-planet. Officially. Blown.

The big question is though - what other directors would have made Return of the Jedi that little bit more incredible? Let me know below!


The big question: What director should Lucas have hired to make Return of the Jedi even more incredible?



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