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Having burst onto the scene as an Indie prodigy, David Gordon Green experienced a bad slump for a few years but with Prince Avalanche and Joe lighting up the festival circuit these last two years, the director looks to be back on his game once more.

He has a Steven Soderbergh produced show coming out on Amazon streaming and it now looks like he'll be directing a script by Don Johnson with the veteran actor in the lead role. John spoke to Grantland last week on the promo trail for Cold in July and had this to say for the developing project:

I’ve actually written something that David Gordon Green is attached to direct. I’m gonna do it for streaming. It’s called 'Score' and it’s set in the ’80s, and it’s about the rise of big-time college football. I play this outrageous fucking coach who breaks all the rules and recruits basically criminals and everybody else and shoots the finger [extends middle finger in my direction] to the NCAA.

No word yet on what form this will take but it's clear the two worked well during Johnson's time on Eastbound and Down.

I wrote it in October and I wanna get it financed completely so I can go to the marketplace without layers and layers of executives and bureaucrats. In my mind if you’re not bringing something to the dance, but you’re taking a big chunk of the cash, I got no room for you

He certainly has the sort of indie DIY spirit which would appeal to someone like Green. It's a delight to see the director rise back from the ashes after such middling fare as The Sitter in 2011 and we'll be keen to see what's in stor here.

More on this one as we get it.

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