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Jerome Maida

Former kickboxing champion Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan has known almost nothing but success - be it in the ring, as co-owner of the nutrition company Genesis Pure or as a stunt woman for almost 30 years in Hollywood.

It is that drive to achieve her goals that has her confident that her first film as a co-producer, "The Martial Arts Kid", will be one of the few low-budget films every year that surprises, separates itself from the pack and becomes a smashing success.

"Well, it's so different nowadays from when I started in Hollywood with all the social media", Wheeler-Duncan said to me. "It's easier to get your message out there, obviously."

But she feels the two biggest keys to the film's success are it's headliners - namely, martial arts/action-movie legends Cynthia Rothrock and Don Wilson.

"Don and Cynthia, you know, one of the great things about their careers is they have a great fan base, and not only in the martial arts/action-movie genre", says Wheeler-Duncan of the iconic pair who have over 75 starring roles in martial arts/action-films between them. "They have a fan base that's out there."

"A lot of people wonder, 'Wow! I wonder what happened to Don and Cynthia!', she continues. "I mean, do people know that they're still out there and around, because they've sunk their teeth into a really good movie role lately in which they've been the star? No!"

"So I think we'll be able to get a lot of excitement", Wheeler-Duncan adds. "Just because of their backgrounds and the fact they've been in so many movies over their careers and they've done well. You have this fan base that's out there - waiting."

"Nobody's come along to take Don and Cynthia's place, in my opinion", Wheeler-Duncan concludes. "I throw their name together, as a team - and i don't really mean to. They've done projects together - but they've stood alone, separately - and done really, really well."

"The Martial Arts Kid" is set to shoot in June, with an eye toward a 2015 theatrical release.

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