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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been flying their own flags ever since the aptly titled Twilight Saga came to an end. Despite coming out of that franchise with an eye watering level of celebrity, the pair have been admirably lending their hands to much more low key fare.

It has proved a strong endeavour for both thus far and resulted in separate competition appearances last week at Cannes. The news that both would be Riviera bound had sparked the internet's imagination that a make up was on the cards, but it seems now that that was not to be.

R-Patz hits the Croisette last week
R-Patz hits the Croisette last week

All of this will be forgotten faster than last night's dinner if a rumor from CelebDirtyLaundrey is too be believed. The website are reporting that a new movie is indeed on the cards which will be a meta exploration of their relationship off screen:

producers are reportedly trying to get Kristen and Rob on board for a movie that would very much mirror their real lives during the Twilight craziness – i.e., how two relatively unknown actors met and fell in love while filming a famous franchise, and how their romance became a worldwide phenomenon along with the franchise.

This actually sounds like a meaty enough deal and for mere mortals like ourselves, it could shine an interesting light on a very unique thing. A pair of young people brought to fame for an on-screen role who turn that romance into something real. Then comes the fame, then comes the crash. Juicy stuff indeed.

K-Stew, B-Noche and Mo-Retz hit the red carpet
K-Stew, B-Noche and Mo-Retz hit the red carpet

We'll bite our tongues until more info is revealed, but if this does manage to see the light of day, we expect a few people at least will be wanting to see it...

More on this one as we get it.


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