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When you see these kids, there is only one way: you either get in therapy now or become a serial killer, or kill yourself. I mean, you can see it really early on—it’s terrifying.

Robert Pattinson, speaking with Vanity Fair in a recent interview, gave his two cents on the issue of Hollywood child stars. As the topic of his latest film, [Maps to the Stars](movie:7142), is dealing heavily with this; Pattinson spoke about his own experiences in dealing with huge fame at a young age.

Check out the trailer below:

When asked whether he thinks the film has struck a nerve he replied:

I don’t really think it’s taking the piss out of Hollywood. It’s very specific. I think Benjie (the child star character) is probably the truest character. I’ve met a lot of kids like him. The scene with him and the little girls bitching about everybody—you just see that a lot.

Pattinson has kept a fairly grounded lifestyle despite being stalked by hordes of screaming teenage girls ever since the first Twillight movie. But in lots of ways he didn't experience fame and richness through his childhood, his huge stardom came a bit later. Here is what he had to say on his sudden overnight fame:

I did Harry Potter when I was like 17, and nothing really happened after that. I mean, I made loads of money compared to anyone my age—it was incredible. But I mean, then I just did little TV things afterwards. But I got to live from 18 to 21, you get your own apartment and basically I didn’t star in Twilight until 21. It’s different because you’re still young, but you’ve had a life beforehand. Where as if you are 10, it’s a totally different thing.

Maps to the Stars marks the second collaboration with director David Cronenberg. The movie premiered at Cannes Film Festival this year, along with another Pattinson movie [The Rover](movie:395105), both of which have distinctively non mainstream themes.

Maps to the Stars will be released in later this year with The Rover being released June 20.

Source: VanityFair


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