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What ever happened to all that Robin Blake hurrah?

At the time of the release of The Dark Knight Rises much was being made of Nolan's sort-of twist. The director left an open end to his series by suggesting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's principled cop would go on to fill the dark crusader's shoes (or cape as the case may be).

Then when Man of Steel production began, many thought that Levitt would be considered for a Justice League role. Of course, we know now that this wont be the case but Russ Burlingame over at has been digging in to Levitt's character from Rises to find out where he might be headed. Levitt, it seems, was the first to kick up some dust on things:

It’s amazing and so wonderful to be part of a film like [The Dark Knight Rises], but as far as Robin is concerned, that’s not up to me. I don’t have the rights to that character. If there’s a script I find inspiring and a filmmaker I have a connection with, I’m interested.

Around the same time DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio conducted and AMA on his facebook page where a fan fielded a question on a possible Blake series. To which Didio responded:

A series of books? let’s see how he does on his first mission.

Burlingame notes that Blake would not be the first DC character to begin outside of the comics before finding themselves on page; with Harley Quinn and Jimmy Olsen having both appeared first on TV and Radio. The writer concludes with a rather tasty premise, suggesting that they could:

tell some stories that occurred before The Dark Knight Rises. That would give them an opportunity to explore Blake not as a proto-Batman Beyond but as a young, enthusiastic cop in one of the worst cities in the world.

It's all very circumstantial and up in the air but how would you all feel about seeing more of Blake in the comics and beyond? Let us know in the comments below.


Bring on the Blake?


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