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Kat Bacon

Well, it appears the DC Clan is out in full force and utilising their voting power for the good of the (cinematic) Universe. Where are you, Marvel fans? Your heroes are whittling away after Round One.

Let's see how they fare this time around.

As there are only 2 Marvel characters left in the running after your votes, we've had to stoop to a little DC on DC action. Look, it could happen!

If you have battle suggestions or fan castings of your own, feel free to try them out! And if you're not already a contributor, you can join us here and get posting!

But without further ado: Cast your votes for ROUND 2.

Round 3 (semi final) to be posted here on Friday 30th May


Superman vs Flash


Batman vs Green Lantern


Hulk vs Cyborg


Captain America vs Aquaman

Let us know what you think in the comments! Not a fan of the match-ups? Would love to check out your version!


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