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As a Marvel fan I'd never thought that I would ask myself this question... but here we are. It's hopefully nothing, but news is news and a small pattern might be emerging.

If for some reason you haven't heard about it there are two stories, one bigger than the other.

The first one being that director Edgar Wright who was attached to the upcoming 2015 Marvel movie, [Ant-Man](movie:9048) has completely detached himself from the project. The other piece of news that actually broke the day after Wright's departure was that [The Cabin in the Woods](movie:30883) director, Drew Goddard left the [Daredevil](movie:47230) series which was negotiated by Marvel to eventually air on Netflix.

Coincidence? I think not... or maybe it is or maybe it isn't, I'm not the Doctor what do I know? Though I can start by suggesting that this could be one of many bumps in the road and I'll tell you why later.

Shocking, isn't it? When it was announced that he was tied to the project a few things were mentioned:

Pay attention to the last point because the reason which has been revealed as the source of Wright's departure is because of "creative differences". So this could likely mean that Edgar Wright finished the script and Marvel didn't like the probably comedic approach he took (given his track record e.g. Cornetto Trilogy). Along with another writer, Joe Cornish, they were the only ones responsible for writing and then presenting the final draft. It is rumoured that Marvel made massive changes and re-writes to the script which is what caused Wright to resign. I find this weird to hear, especially since Marvel should have expected this type of comedic script from a comedic director. Even after he was given "homework" about the 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' episode 'To Steal An Ant-Man'. I'd link the official tweet this came from, but it doesn't exist anymore... none of them. He burned all his bridges in terms of social media links to Marvel.

With that being said, Marvel still asserts that this will not affect the official release date of July 17, 2015 (USA) and that everything is on track. My prediction will be that either Joe Cornish or a fairly new director will be taking the directorial helm of the movie since it is easier for Marvel to hire someone that is more of a yes man/woman that agrees with their vision. Though as a Marvel fan I still can't help but feel worried about this news because Ant-Man is meant to be the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) Phase 3 right after ' [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035).

It needs to be put in good hands rather than focusing on keeping to a schedule - Quality is better than quantity.

But what do you think? Could this - along with Robert Downey Jr's departure for [Iron Man 4](movie:886190), be the beginning of a decline for Marvel?


What do you think about Edgar Wright's departure from the 'Ant-Man' movie?

Too late
Too late

And then, to add insult to Marvel's injury, Drew Goddard stepped down in his role with the Netflix [Daredevil](series:1168702) series. He is still an executive producer for the project, but overall he has centred his attention on writing the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) spin-off from The Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel doesn't even own the rights to Spider-Man anymore! WTF?! Marvel needs to hold it together otherwise, Sony, Fox and DC comics are going to sneak up behind Marvel and Vulcan nerve pinch them so hard they won't remember who's a part of their franchise anymore.

What do you think these events could consequentially mean for Marvel and more importantly do you think something like this will happen again (maybe on a larger scale/frequency)?


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