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Tim Tinashe Marecha

Majority of you have heard by now that Edgar Wright, the director of the cornetto trilogy including films such as Shaun of the Dead and the most recent The Worlds' End is no longer directing the upcoming 'Ant-man' starring Paul Rudd.

Rumours are flying saying he got sacked because he may have being wasting production budget or that Disney didn't like his script as it was and they wanted to make it a lot more, well, "mainstream" which is what I believed happened.

Edgar Wright has being working on this project for over 7 years...yup, thats right, and to just leave like that must be a kick in the privates. This was Edgar love child, his "baby". Now it's just all gone, but if he did happen to leave for the sheer fact that Marvel/Disney didn't like the script, then I have to respect the man, sticking to his guns like that.

I personally was only looking forward to Ant-man because of Wright's involvement, now he's gone...I'm still interested in the film, but not as hyped as I was due to Edgar being involved.

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Obviously I think this is a stupid decision because creativity wise, I believe Edgar was going to bring something cool & different, but then again on the business side, Disney are doing what makes them the most money.

This all just proves a theory I made on Marvel, that they are just focusing on quantity, not quality.


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