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I will be attending the Philadelphia Comic-Con next month and wanted to start off my first post by putting in my last piece. I've been making prints for the last three years and comic books a year earlier. More comics would've come my way, if I had not chosen my newborn son (now 2) over it, along with a full time job, honey-do duties, and a life over sequentials, but I'm absolutely fine with that. Prints are an easy excuse to try out a wide palette of art styles with familiar characters big companies have paid millions for people to love. Anyway, without getting too off subject, this is an Avengers digital piece I impulsively decided to make because I didn't really care for the last one I did. I picked my favorite line-up of 'Real Avengers' that go beyond the 'Super-six' from the movies. Honestly, I added a couple of them based on their visual powers - but that's art freedom. Enjoy!


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