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From the moment I heard about the rumors of Joss Whedon possibly helming a film that focuses on only one of the X-Men, I immediately was hooked in. With the success of the Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, I think Fox should try making a solo movie that's NOT about Wolverine and I have a few reasons why this film is a good idea.

1. Giving General Audiences a New Character To Enjoy
General audiences know Wolverine, Magneto, Xavier, etc. But how many general audience members know and enjoy Shadowcat? Not many. With a solo film, Fox could build this character up so that if we see her in another X-Men film, audiences can feel more connected to that character. You could make solo films for all the X-Men to build their characters.

2. Profit
I don't want to seem like an idiot who thinks that it's all about the money but to Fox, it is. They don't give a crap about fans. The writers are the ones that do. But still X-Men tends to make money, even the movies that are bad make money so the more X-Men movies they make, the more money they get.

3. More Stories
Let's face it, it won't be long before the X-Men movies runs out of big villains, I mean who are you going to get after Apocalypse? With the solo X-Men films you have more opportunities for stories since you don't need the entire team, you can put in smaller villains like Blackwing or Avalanche or the MRD.

I even came up with a story for this film:

Kitty Pryde is given time away from the X-Mansion so she travels to London for a vacation but not long after she arrives, a group of renegade soldiers called the Mutant Registry Department begin rounding up mutants and putting them in concentration camps. Only one mutant hasn't been locked up: Shadowcat. Due to a conversation she had with Xavier about her feeling useless compared to everyone else on the team and Xavier telling her there will be a time where she will prove herself as a great X-Man, she decides to handle this alone. Not only does she fave to fight the MRD, but two mutants who try to kill the MRD named Avalanche and Blackwing.

I call the story X-Men Chronicles: Shadowcat. I know the title is similar to X-Men Origins: Wolverine but I feel like calling the movie just: "Shadowcat" or "Kitty Pryde" would not be good titles. Plus with it being called X-Men Chronicles you could call an entire series of solo films that: X-Men Chronicles: Iceman, X-Men Chronicles: Storm, X-Men Chronicles: Beast, etc.

For your enjoyment I created a few more posters.

Tell me what you guys of the possible plot for the film I created. Do you think the movie would work or not?

Also my newest video was just uploaded, hope you enjoy.


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