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What I want in a Deadpool movie is simple.

Death, violence, fun, Cable, Domino, and other things to keep me occupied in a theater for two hours. If its rated R, like [Dredd](movie:39136), more power to them. However, (thanks to the American movie goers), we most likely wont see an R-Rated [Deadpool](movie:38663) :(

But if it could be done with a smaller budget, these are the things I would say could work:

Death. Easy. There should be a part abhout how he gets iced. Say he gets cut in half, for example, you don't have to do too much CGI, you can easily pan up and show him reaching for his legs going, oh lets stay "so that's what a half dollar feels like" then getting to see Death and all her glory as long as Marvel is cool with Fox with that character been used.

Violence. Easy killing, gun fire, and sword cutting people and throw in some strong language every now and then.

Cable. Make him cool as hell and he doesn't even need to be in it as much since Deadpool is the main man. He just needs to give him a mission and pop up in parts of the movie.

Domino. She is cool, I would like to see her Luck end up in the movie. I would enjoy it so much. She can be his partner in the film under Cable's command. Copycat and Siryn could be other leading ladies.

Villain. I would like to see Taskmaster but he is more for the combined Marvel worlds so Captain America cant beat them. Deadpool rolls in and takes him out like nothing. Then there is Black Tom, sweet story line between the two, Tombstone could be a cool villain to finally see but he's a non-mutant just like Taskmaster. Mister Sinister, if you go down with the video game route with it, so he could kill a boat load of mutant clones and other bad guys.

Others. Bob, I would die to see him pop in and get shot by Deadpool. Blind Al coming in at the end and comfort or help ease the movie down. Weasel helping him with getting guns or some stuff like that could be cool. There are so many people I would love to see in this movie and so many things to happen to Deadpool that would be groovy to see, but only time can tell.

Fun. The whole movie just needs to be a horror/action/comedy element type movie. Bad puns, one liners from the 80's and Saw making jokes would be the best for the R rated film but who knows what Fox want. They have been taking for ever and ever to make this and if they wait too long Ryan is going to be bored to death with the project and leave. Hopefully X-Men: Days of Future Past helps pick up the pace of this great character, to make the film that he and we want.

Comment and vote to let me know if you something else put in there!!!

or if I come off wrong in any way oops, I don't care.


What Deadpool Character do you want in it.


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