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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

Let me start off by saying I am just as guilty as most when it comes to getting online and reading up on films. I spend hours a day researching other movie goers opinions.

It wasn't until recently I noticed that this greatly effects the way I look at a film. I've even let it change my own opinions on certain films.

A big one for me was Ironman 3. I went to see this film in theaters the week it came out. I did what I always do and got online to read reviews even before I seen the movie. I tried not to read reviews that had spoilers because I didn't want to know scene for scene what happens. So anyways I go see the film and absolutely loved it. So when I got home I immediately got back online and read others opinions. After about an hour or so I couldn't help but notice I didn't enjoy the film as much as I had thought. The worst part is some of what made me rethink the film are things that I would have never noticed if it hadn't been pointed out by others.

Another example is Transformers. I am a huge fan of the trilogy, and if the internet didn't exist I probably would not know how hated Michael Bay is. Going into the first Transformers film I had no idea what I was getting into because iv never seen any of the original cartoons. I had no expectations. When I viewed the film I didn't think about how much CGI was used, I didn't think about how many cameras were used to film it, I didn't think about anything but the film itself, and I was blown away.

When we were kids we just sat and watched a movie for the fun of it and didn't know what goes on behind the scenes or exactly how many others were watching it. All we knew was we were having fun sitting in front of the television set.

I'm not saying the internet has (ruined) film by any means. I'm simply saying that it has changed the way we watch them.

I made a goal to not review or read up on anything Godzilla 2014, and Xmen DOFP I wanted to go into these films blind. I seen the trailers for the films and was so excited to see them. My hopes were high and I made sure I didn't let anyone else's views alter my own. I wanted to be a kid again, sit back and enjoy a good monster flick and a good comicbook movie. Not getting online for a week just so I could avoid hearing anything about Godzilla or Xmen was extremely hard considering 90% of what I do when I'm online is read about film.

(My Godzilla review coming soon)

So do yourselves a favor and stay away from the internet before going to your next film! Come up with your own opinion on it and don't let the world change how you feel.

I do realize how hypocritical this post is and I apologize for that.


Has going online and reading other people's opinions ever changed your own about a film?


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