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This article is based on thoughts that ran through my head on how CW/DC will write the first season. Like my recent 'Arrow' article, I'm starting at #5 working my way down to #1. As well as my 'Arrow' article, these ideas are reasonably plausible. Let's start the ranting!

#5 Hal Jordan Appearance

The reason I have Hal in the number 5 slot is because we know that WB is scared shitless about having Hal back on screen. We do know that Ferris Air is going to have some kind of impact on the show/shows ('The Flash' & 'Arrow') throughout this upcoming TV season. Now, knowing that Hal has major story arcs in the comics with Ollie & Barry & the appearance of Ferris Air, I think it is safe to say the possibility of Hal popping up (hopefully on 'The Flash') isn't impossible. I do, however, don't want him to have his ring till either at the end of his appearance episode or after his appearance. The main reason I put Hal on this list is because I like the idea of how the writers are putting other heroes in the shows (i.e. Huntress in season 1 of 'Arrow' & Barry in season 2 of 'Arrow').

#4 Hints At Killer Frost

We know that Danielle Panabaker is playing Killer Frost but we don't know how quick she'll get her powers. Personally, I want Caitlin Snow to start experiencing "symptoms" of her powers. I don't want her to fully turn into Killer Frost till at the earliest season 2. Now with that said, the same goes for Cisco Ramon.

#3 Jay Garrick

Within the extend trailer for the show, we see a news report on multiple deaths in Keystone City. Instantly, us nerds fangasm'd over the fact that we first got Ferris Air then Keystone! Most of us nerds know that Keystone City is the home of the original Scarlet Speedster, Jay Garrick & the home of someone I'll mention later. I don't really care if Jay has his powers in his appearance; all I care about is having Garrick involved in the series!

#2 Wally West

The third Scarlet Speedster, Wallace "Wally" West. I want his appearance with Jay Garrick. I would write them in as Jay being a family friend of the West's making the relationship something different for the Arrow/Flash universe. And when Wally gets his powers, have him be named as Impulse like in the New 52. Yeah, I'm talking to you WB! I know some of you are gonna be pissed off about that, but I don't think Kid Flash would work in this universe. Maybe, while Barry & Wally are out & about, have Barry refer to Wally as Kid to try keeping his identity a secret. But whatever the writers do, I'm gonna give their idea a try.

#1 Eddie Reveals Himself (To, At Least, The Audience)

If you're a Flash fan, you know that Eddie Thawne is Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash (I hate that name; "Reverse Flash"? Really? Why not have Bizzaro called Reverse Superman? It's stupid, right?). The other thing I want is a little more reasoning for the murder of Nora cause us fans know the comic version where Eddie did it for the lolz. I think we all want to know what story the writers use. And maybe we can get a glimpse at Eddie's suit.

Well, that's my list of what I wish will happen in season 1. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.


Which Flash villain do you want most in the new series (not including already confirmed villains (i.e. Killer Frost, Weather Wizard & Professor Zoom))?


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