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It’s only a few weeks away, are you counting it down yet? The marketing campaign didn’t start putting concrete visuals, (by that I mean trailers) out there until Superbowl 2014. What am I referring to? Well you saw the title and clicked on the article so you should already know. But if you don’t, I’m talking about the latest in the Transformers franchise Age of Extinction directed by Michael Bay.

The Transformers franchise has had a love/hate relationship with critics, fans, and movie lovers alike. Why is it a love/hate relationship? Because people LOVE to HATE the movies haha. Well I must be among the minority that loved the films. The graphics, the action, story is a little lacking, but it’s like every little kid’s dreams come true to the big screen. You know you use to play hot wheels fighting championships on your bed. What you didn’t do that? Ok maybe it was just me. What Michael Bay did, even if it could be questioned, was take a beloved childhood comic/animated series and made it into a cinematic venture. Brave and bold move if you ask me. Sure he added his own little twist to the Autobots and Decepticons, but what he created was pure entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

He will try to do the same for the 4th installment in the series with a fresh new cast, and DINOBOTS! It will be big! Speaking to IGN Whalberg can go on record saying:

“…Recruiting the Dinobots, it’s pretty elaborate in how it happens. It’s not like Optimus just has to whistle and they come running. I mean he’s really gotta kinda convince them to come on board and fight this fight, and it’s pretty cool in how it’s done. I think people are definitely gonna get their money’s worth and is well worth the wait. And I think for the die-hard fans, they’re gonna have a whole new thing to look forward to in the future.”

If THAT doesn’t get you a little psyched then maybe this will:

“Just expect to be blown away. It’s like when we saw parts of the movie and how it’s come together. You have a whole new cast, a whole new threat, new enemies and you have all the things you liked with the explosions and the action. But it’s a little more realistic, a little more believable”

Ok I’ll have to admit. I wasn’t that excited up until recently. With the release of new TV spots and trailers it tweaked my interest. But this interview got me anticipating it now. I like Marky Mark as an actor. I think he is phenomenal and I think he will bring his chops to the table and really give it his all. He will try to sell this movie and if you aren’t going to see it for him. Then you most definitely are going to see it for Grimlock and his crew!

You can watch the interview on IGN here:

Transformers: Age of Extinction is set to be released June 27. Are you excited now or have you just given up on Bay. Explode in the comment section and once again Thanks for reading.


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