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Hey guys, I saw X-men Days of future past on Sunday and I want to go back in time to see it again!!

I was alittle worried about this movie, because the storyline can be confusing (because of time travel) and X-men 3, Origins Wolverine and The Wolverine weren't very good. Having Bryan Singer back is great because he directed the first 2 movies which I love!

Spoilers ahead!!! If you haven't seen the movie yet don't continue until you do!! This is a warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The opening scene was really cool! We got to see Bobby, Kitty, Colossus, Bishop, Sunspot and Blink use their powers to fight the awesome looking Sentinel's. Once, they go to China to meet Professor Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine and Storm I knew to get ready for time travel!!

If you didn't see X-men: first class you might not understand some of the references once Logan goes back in time. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are great as the young Xavier and Magneto. You understand why Charles closed the school and started taking the shots, after what happened in First class.

A really good prequel!!
A really good prequel!!

Every main mutant in this movie had a great moment in this film! Surprisingly I really liked why they did with Quicksilver! I understand now why he looks and acts like that. Because he was a teenager in 1973 and the son of Magneto!! Peter Dinklage was great as Boliver Trask even though he's the one who creates the mutant hunting Sentinel's!

And lastly, I must talk about the ending when Logan wakes up in the school!! It was so cool to see Kelsey Grammar back as beast, Bringing Jean Grey and my 2nd favorite X-men member Cyclops back to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, thankfully X-men: The Last Stand has been erased from the time line!!

I want to thank Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg and everyone who worked on this movie!! Because, I've been an X-men fan since the 90s cartoon! Next to Justice League X-men is my 2nd favorite Superhero team and I definitely can't wait for X-men Apocalypse!!


Do you like X-men Days of future past?!?!


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