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Kendrick Harris

Hey guys, the sequel to Man of Steel finally has a title! Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice! (Everyone online runs outside to dance in excitement!!)

I really like the title because if you didn't know the Justice League Movie (which I hope is going to be awesome!) is the DC movie right after Batman v Superman.

I guess it really isn't a Man of steel sequel because Man of steel isn't in the title and Batman, Wonder woman and Cyborg and going to be introduced. To me, since Justice League is coming right after and Warner Bros. wants to bring in Batman and Wonder Woman it makes perfect sense!

I'm a huge Justice League fan and can't wait to see how Bruce and Clark will first be enemies then friends in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!!

Sorry, I really wanted to do that!!


Do you like the title for Batman v Superman?!?


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