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Let's face it: the Flash and Green Lantern are DC's 4th and 5th most iconic characters.

We're talking Bartholomew Henry Allen and Harold Jordan here.

A few months ago, Superhero Movies News read Marc Guggenheim's The Flash script and from the review, I think they loved it. One thing to note is that the movie script had several key elements carried over to the TV show, such as the particle accelerator, Thawne, and the guardian angel title.

A cool discovery they made was that there was a planned Green Lantern cameo scene in the end credits!

  How awesome would that have been?!
How awesome would that have been?!

If there were a movie, I wouldn't be surprised if it was titled THE FLASH V. GREEN LANTERN: LIGHTSPEED. I kind of like that title though. Light. Speed. G.L. Flash. Makes sense, right?

Is The Flash/Green Lantern Being Transferred to TV?

I'd like to think so. The first reason being:

Testing facility.
Testing facility.
Ferris Air
Ferris Air

Hal Jordan is employed by Ferris Air, co-owned by his girlfriend, Carol Ferris. Now, many fans saw this easter egg, and it's the most proof we've had of a possible connection of the Emerald Guardian and the Scarlet Speedster. Of course it could be a friendly nod to this amazing character, but Green Arrow and the Flash are a part of a bigger universe. Who has a universe with only the Flash and Green Arrow? I say BRING ON GREEN LANTERN.

the Brave and the Bold
the Brave and the Bold

Instead of a Green Lantern spinoff, I'd want to see this happen! Okay, there are problems:

  • Low-Budget: Green Lantern flight, Green Lantern constructs, Green Lantern costume, and Green Lantern actor will not be that good
  • Low-Budget: The Flash running, The Flash actor, and the Flash costume will not be that good
  • Low-Budget sets
  • Affects Man of Steel continuity

There are a few more, but lets list solutions:

  • Because of Arrow's success, the Flash was allowed, because the Flash will be a hit (isn't it obvious?), a higher budget will be justified, because that would happen, and Flash/Green Lantern TV series could happen
  • Warner Brothers will invest more
  • Make a real GL costume!
Something like this?
Something like this?

This also offers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim further redemption after the Green Lantern script. They redeemed themselves with Arrow, and are redeeming themselves with [The Flash](movie:15273). Maybe I sound harsh, but Green Lantern, as much as I liked it, wasn't that good.

So, those are my thoughts so far. I really want a TV show. It may be too early to think about this, but I'm sure Warner Brothers has.


Would you want to see a Flash/Green Lantern TV show?

What would you title the show or movie? Leave a comment below!

Stay flashy!


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