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Two of the coolest horror villains of all time, I give you Chucky and Tiffany's top 10 kills. I've been sure to add at least one death scene from every movie, just to keep everyone happy!

10 - Jill (Curse Of Chucky)

"Woman. Can't live with em. Period." Although I didn't initially want to add any kills from this movie, I did promise you I would - so here it is. Poor Jill was sat on the bed using her laptop, when Chucky pours a bucket full of water on the electricity supply, singeing Jill's right eye off!

9 - Aunt Maggie (Child's Play)

"Chucky says Aunt Maggie was a bitch and got what she deserved." One of those classic horror movie scenes, and Chucky's first kill. Poor Aunt Maggie got the fright of her life when she was hit in the forehead with a hammer, before catapulting out the high window.

8 - Sergeant Botnick (Child's Play 3)

"Presto! You're dead." Who ever would have thought that being a military barber could be a potentially life threatening job? Clearly not this guy, who foolishly tried to cut Chucky's hair!

7 - Wire Decapitation! (Seed Of Chucky)

Yes it's a bit silly, but that's why we love it. Tiffany has one end of a wire wrapped around this guys neck, and Chucky has the other - and I'm sure you can guess what happens next. The poor guys head goes flying into the air slow motion, only to land and bounce across the floor.

6 - Honeymooning Couple (Bride Of Chucky)

They say a picture says a thousand words. This picture however, just goes to prove that you shouldn't steal things, especially from Tiffany. This couple were having a good ole time in their waterbed, when Tiff throws an empty wine bottle at the mirror above them. Needless to say, they didn't steal again.

5 - Redman (Seed Of Chucky)

"I'm leaving, you can let yourself out. Oh and by the way - Redman, Drop dead!" Tiffany was trying to be good, but when he saw how Redman was treating Jennifer, she just couldn't help herself. Stabbing a knife into his gut and spilling steaming intestines all over the floor, it's probably one of the most gruesome kills of the series.

4 - Chief Warren Kincaid (Bride Of Chucky)

"Why does that look so familiar?" Okay, so this one is definitely the most creative kill on the list! And that wasn't the end of it for this guy, as he was locked in a box for a good hour before Chucky finishes him off with a good old fashioned stab in the back.

3 - Phil Simpson (Child's Play 2)

"How's it hangin Phil?" Do you believe Andy now, Phil? Chucky has him hanging upside down from the stairs, before falling and breaking his neck on the concrete. Ouch!

2 - Damien (Bride Of Chucky)

This guy never saw it coming, that's for sure. This scene is definitely one of black comedy, where we have Chucky ripping out Damien's lip piercing, before sitting on the pillow suffocating him. All the while, still holding a conversation with Tiffany.

1 - Tiffany (Bride Of Chucky)

Although his original plan wasn't to electrocute her, Tiffany saw him coming and kicked him out of the way, knocking the TV into the bath! On the positive side, I guess Chucky had... kinda good intentions, so at least he tried to bring her back?

Agree with the list? Or are you infuriated by my choices? Tell me in the comments below!

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