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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

In honor of Adam Sandler starring in the new film Blended this weekend I have put together the Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time. From the more down to earth film like Funny People all the way to Billy Madison. What is your Favorite Adam Sandler Movie?

50 First Dates - 44% – This 2004 comedy reunites Sandler with his Wedding Singer costar Drew Barrymore Its funny, romantic and once again shows why Barrymore and Sandler make a great comedic team.

Reign Over Me - 64% - This is just one of a few dramatic roles Sandler has taken, and it’s a damn shame because he does have some serious acting chops. Sandler plays a grief-stricken man who lost his wife and children in the 9/11 attack. Its one of the few times Sandler has received acclaim for his dramatic skills.

Billy Madison - 46% - Watching Billy Madison is like watching a 90 minute great Saturday Night Live sketch. It became Adam Sandler’s big-screen breakthrough and launched Sandler to bigger and sometimes better things.

The Wedding Singer - 67% - Although Extremely Corny, of all the romantic comedy plots featured in Sandler’s films this is the best and most charming. It’s not a comedy masterpiece It’s simple in design and funny in execution it gave Sandler a chance to go for more than just the easy laughs.

Happy Gilmore - 60% - 1996 romantic comedy had Sandler plays a rejected hockey player who becomes a golfer in order to save his grandmother’s house, Happy Gilmore has stood the test of time and is easily one of Sandler best quoted movies.

Spanglish – 53% – This film is a mixture of comedy and drama This film allows Adam Sandler to have creative license. His performance in Spanglish was a huge change from his other movies. In this film, he surprised everyone and made everyone aware of his acting ability.

Hotel Transylvania - 45% - A film that both adults and children can enjoy, Adam Sandler plays Dracula as an aging father dealing with his daughter growing up. He gives Dracula a charm that allows you to sympatiza and root for.

Big Daddy - 40% - From a character standpoint this is probably Sandler’s best comedy. It’s also pretty damn heartwarming with a feel good ending. Rarely do you find yourself rooting for anyone in a Sandler comedy

Funny People - 68% In large part to the director and co-stars Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann this comedy is a lot more structured then other Sandler films

The Waterboy - 35% - Sandler played the endearing waterboy for a college football team who discovers his incredible tackling ability and becomes a member of the team. It is completely ridiculous but it remains as one of Sandler’s most memorable, quotable, and defining comedies


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