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I know what you're thinking, this year you want a Halloween costume which is instantly recognizable but also completely unique and original. Well, I think we've got something for that. Behold the Godzilla inflatable latex anthropomorphic animal costume!

These abominations come courtesy of Rubies and are available in both adult and child (which are strangely referred to as STD) sizes. They also feature a battery operated fan to presumably keep the thing inflated or prevent the person inside of dying of heatstroke. Check them out below:

They also apparently make a roar sound effect. Y'know, just in case you need to remind people who you've dressed as.

Interestingly, these inflatable versions are actually less creepy than the non-inflatable ones. Expect to see bank robbers and serial killers utilizing Godzilla masks at some point in the future. Take a look below:

Oh yeah, and if even that doesn't quite fill your creepiness quota, there's always this Godzilla hoodie as back-up. Behold:

Unfortunately we have no pricing information on these amazing cultural artifacts, but when it comes to inflatable Godzilla costumes, is there really too high a price to pay?

Which creeps you out the most?


Which Godzilla costume creeps you out the most?

Source: io9


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