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Warning, SPOILERS below for those who haven't seen [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), and a few more from the comics.

Wolverine is a difficult man to kill. With an Adamantium skeleton, a brutally efficient healing factor and a fan base a franchise wide, he's usually considered about as likely to disappear from our screens and pages as a certain man from Krypton. Even if he seems to meet his maker, he'll always be back soon enough, right?

Well, that may all be about to change.

Marvel comics have already announced that September will see the launch of a new series - Death of Wolverine, in which the fan-favorite will, by all accounts, actually die. In the movies, though, it's hard to imagine ever seeing a completely Wolverine-less X-Movie. Hugh Jackman, though, may have other ideas.

The actor was asked recently by io9 whether there was any way to kill his character off, and promptly launched into an intelligent, surprisingly detailed description of exactly how you could do it, saying:

You have to feel that's possible. And I think that's what Marvel is doing with the comic books. You have to feel that every character there is in danger. It's part of the problem we got into with Wolverine his kind of escalation of his ability to survive. The only way to get rid of him is to chop his head off.

This led us to ask the question: Just how could they kill off The Wolverine?

Option 1: Drowning

Many [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) viewers may not have been too surprised by the reveal that Wolverine survived a substantial amount of drowning near the end of the film - but for Hugh Jackman the scene held a lot more tension:

For you and I we lie without breathing and after a minute, we’re gone. For him, it’s 20 minutes. But it’s not that he can be there for 11 years, you feel like he needs breath at some point.

Combine that with the fact that Wolverine was forced to drown his own similarly powered son, Daken, in the comics (Back in Uncanny X-Force #34) and it remains a very possible route to the graveyard for the hero.

Option 2: Stabbing

Remember way back in X2, when Wolverine was almost defeated by Lady Deathstrike and the world's largest amount of stabbing? Well, as Jackman puts it:

He was dying and that was how I was playing it.

In theory, if you were to just keep on stabbing, chopping and brutalizing away, you could eventually put an end to Logan once and for all. Then again, he once survived a nuclear explosion in the comics, so it's by no means a guarantee.

Option 3: Heavy Metal

Sticking with the end of X2, the whole 'horrific injection of liquid Adamantium into a living person' thing could as easily have been applied to Wolverine - and there's no reason to believe he'd be anything less than dead at the end of it. After all, a super-immune system isn't much use if your body is filled with molten metal. And if that somehow didn't work, some sort of master of magnetism (ahem) could surely take advantage of the newly metallic mutant and fling him into the depths of space. Or, as in the comics (way back in the 1993 crossover event Fatal Attractions) rip him apart at the seams.

Option 4: Power Removal

In [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), the serum taken by Professor X to restore the use of his legs also acts to inhibit his powers - and does much the same to Beast. Slip Wolverine a few drops of the stuff, and suddenly the whole healing ability deal is out the window. If you were to play your cards right, Wolverine could die from more or less anything. Even Toad.

Option 5: Beheading

Now, the comics have take a slightly mixed approach to this - with even Sabretooth (above) having eventually returned to the comics after what was intended to be his final undoing - but beheading is arguably Wolverine's ultimate enemy. That sword up above is the Muramasa blade, capable of mystically cutting through anything. As Jackman said previously:

The only way to get rid of him is to chop his head off.

If so, then that's the sort of MacGuffin to do it. Something like the adamantium swords in [The Wolverine](movie:34674), only less attached to a giant robot.

So, next time someone appears in an X-Movie with a shiny, glowing sword - and lets be honest, it's only a matter of time - we should probably all start getting a little concerned for Logan's well-being.


What do you guys think - will we see the end of Logan in the movies any time soon?



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