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David Tennant brought such a breath of fresh air to Doctor Who that when he left the show 2010, the BBC were unsure of how the show could go on. Writer Stephen Moffat has recently revealed that the station were almost on the verge of pulling the plug entirely:

I think there were plans maybe to consider ending it. It was Russell T Davies saying, 'You are not allowed to end it' [that kept it going]. David owned that role in a spectacular way, gave it an all-new cheeky sexy performance and became a national treasure. So the idea that Doctor Who could go on at all in the absence of David was a huge question.

Of course Matt Smith showed up and did a bang up job and we expect Peter Capaldi to do just the same when the show returns this August. Kill List director Ben Wheatley is on board to helm the first two episodes of the season.

What more do you need to hear?

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