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Good news for Chuck fans! Not only is Yvonne Strahovski back on our screens in 24: Live Another Day, but she's gone and given us all the inside scoop on the much-anticipated Chuck movie.

Speaking to TVLine, she admitted that though there were no plans as of yet, she's optimistic that we'll see a film before 2020.

"I’d say by the year 2020 that maybe the odds are good — it might take that long to get it together!...We’ll see. You never know what Zachary Levi has up his sleeve."

The series, which ended in January 2012, has retained it's devoted following, and the story was certainly left open enough to be continued on the big screen - so could we even see a successful Veronica Mars-style Kickstarter project appearing in the near future?

Stranger things have certainly happened - and it's certainly good to know that one of the show's breakout stars is still committed to the project.

[Chuck](series:200683): the movie may not have a release date - or even a pre-production schedule - but if you want to know more as and when it happens, you can follow it here.


What do you guys think? Will we see Chuck (and Sarah) on the big screen by 2020?



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