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When two of the most colossal narcissists in the business tied the knot, it was like watching someone picking their spots on public transport. In short, We just couldn't tear our eyes away from the grotesquely opulent wedding ceremony, even if it did make us want to vomit into our cupped hands.

Despite most media sources fuelling the fire of these self-obsessed spouses, the New York Post set a example we could all learn from.

Check out their hilariously grumpy coverage of the wedding below;

They have really got those career titles spot on!

I think we could all learn a lot from this shining example. It is a well known fact that if there are no cameras on Kim Kardashian for more than 2 hours she will melt into an acidic pool of foul goo, and who wouldn't buy a souvenir t-shirt of that event?

But why am I being so kind to Kanye West, you ask? From the look on his face 98 percent of the time, I would say he is already receiving Karmic punishment for being such a douche. Poor bloke is so opinionated, that he couldn't even save himself from his ill fated wedding.

In celebration of this spectacularly dour announcement of the Kimye wedding, lets take a trip down memory lane and relive the moments where Kanye looks delighted to be with Kim. So romantic.


5. A Romantic Dinner

You know those crazy people who think celebrities are illuminate lizards? I can kind of get where they're coming from looking into these cold dead eyes. Glad you had a good date, guys!


4. A Kritical Kardashian related Kollapse

Kimmmmmmmm! Do we have to meet your whole family again?!

3. A moment of realization

Why am I dressed like the world's most desperate hipster and why is my girlfriend taking a picture of her ass in the mirror?


2. Just Married!

Make way for the happy couple!


1. Zippedy Do Da!

According to Kanye's website the pair;

Participated in a thrilling zip lining tour through the Mexican jungle flying between trees, spanning rope bridges, and sharing memorable laughs

Yeah... Looks like a right laugh!


How do you feel about Kim and Kanye's marriage?


How long will Kim and Kanye's marriage last?

(Source: Buzzfeed via New York Post)

(Images: The Examiner, The Urban Daily, The Mirror, Ezoteris, Buzzfeed via Twitter, The Daily Mail via Instagram)


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