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When we published images of Emma Watson celebrating her graduation yesterday, it was surprising to see that there was no security present. But it turns out the wily Emma Watson was one step ahead of us average Joes.

In order to protect her personal safety while not putting a downer on the day for other students (an armed guard hardly spells celebration!), Emma Watson's bodyguard donned a robe and made like a student. Cunning!

Check out the evidence below;

1. Emma looks ridiculously photogenic with her 'mature student' pal...

You've got to admit, she looks pretty convincing. The cop looks more happy to be 'graduating' than old lemon sucker to the left anyhow!

2. ...Who Joins Emma and her mom as they leave the ceremony...

Hmmmmm, maybe jeans and trainers aren't quite the dress code for such a formal occasion...

3. ...And then she whips off her gown to reveal her true identity. A top secret undercover agent!

Oh, she has a gun! No big deal... No big deal at all!

4. But who else is a family imposter?!

I just don't know what's real any more!

While it isn't surprising that Emma Watson has private security at her graduation ceremony, it is kind of depressing that she felt the need to on such a day of celebration. I guess when you are as mega famous as Watson, it's just a normal part of day-to-day life.


Were you surprised to see Emma Watson had hidden security at her graduation?

(Source: Buzzfeed)

(Images: Quien, Taringa, Buzzfeed and People via FameFlyNet)


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