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Post-apocalypse? Check. Creepy abandoned building? Check. Amnesia? Check. Creepy monsters? Check, and check.

From the looks of things, [The Last Light](movie:1456143) ticks many of these classic horror check-boxes and the new trailer seems to confirm that. Check out Edward Furlong (that's right, the young racist kid from American History X) as he freaks out a bunch of confused survivors in a mysterious post-apocalyptic world:

The Last Light tells the story of seven strangers who find themselves trapped in an abandoned building after an unexplained apocalyptic event. Not only are they haunted by memories of what they’ve lost, they are also forced to fight off mysterious creatures that hunt them down one by one.

Delivered by The Frozen director, Andrew Hyatt, The Last Light arrives on VOD platforms on June 3rd.

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The Last Light trailer looked...

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