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When the real apocalypse comes, it'd better be as exciting as Hollywood has made out, otherwise we'll all be really disappointed. The end of the world has inspired many big budget blockbusters, but it must be the basis for even more low-budget sci-fi action flicks.

Take for example [Dust of War](movie:1456175), a new low-budget post-apocalyptic-medieval-western type thing from Andrew Kightlinger, Adam Emerson, and Luke Schuetzle. A new trailer has just dropped, and from the looks of things, its drawn not a small amount of inspiration from the likes of Mad Max and Fallout: New Vegas. Check it out below:

So, what's all this dust and war actually about? Read the synopsis below:

An alien invasion left the Earth scoured. The American Frontier became one of the last vestiges for a scavenging humanity. And hope rested on the shoulders of a child who harbors a secret so powerful even she cannot know its truth. A resistance -- The Free Legion -- vowed to protect, convinced she would bring peace. But the child, now a young woman named Ellie (JORDAN MCFADDEN), has fallen into the hands of General Chizum (BATES WILDER), a brutal warmonger bent on unveiling her secret. With humanity in the balance, the Free Legion has dispatched two of their bravest to bring her back: Abel (STEVEN LUKE), the soldier of few words, and Tom Dixie (GARY GRAHAM), the cynical war vet.

If this has piqued your interest, then you can watch Dust of War on most VOD platforms from June 3rd.

Will you be giving Dust of War a try?


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