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With The Lone Ranger train-wreck still fresh in the memory and the wounds of Transcendence currently gaping wide, Johnny Depp could be forgiven for feeling a little trapped. From Hollywood's most bankable star to a career in crisis in just a matter of years, the actor is in bad need of an escape plan, but if reports are to be believed, he might just be in luck.

Apparently Depp is in early talks with Lonsgate to star as Harry Houdini in the cumbersomely titled The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero. The plot will be drawn from a 2007 biography and will concern:

the life of Houdini from poverty to wordwide fame, providing details into the magician’s increasingly dangerous feats, his secret life as a spy and a plot to subvert his legacy.

Could be promising but who's to know, it does seems like a role he could play in his sleep but the actor really has been off the boil for quite some time. Magic tricks, on the other hand, can go either way on film. We all remember The Prestige of course, but can we forget Now You See Me or Burt Wonderstone too? Let us know below.

More on The Secret Life of Houdini as we get it.

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Can Depp pull off this escape act?


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