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Remember when Channing Tatum and Shia LaBeouf starred alongside each other in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints back in 2006? Nope, neither do I, but it was certainly a memorable occasion for Channing Tatum...

Ah the good old days, drinks were drank, windows were smashed, street fights were picked and friendships were - ummmm - let's just say they haven't seen each other again since!

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Chan revealed that Beoufy has been taking method acting a bit too far for years when he explained the pair's out of control romp around New York. He also implied LaBeouf was a liar to boot. Ouch.

When questioned about Shia's claim that they vandalized a bookstore together, Chan simply replied;

Yeah, but none of it was true

Before going on to give his side of the story. And believe me, the truth really is stranger that LaBeouf's 'fiction'. Tatum explained that;

We were drinking. And I think our initial thing was ‘Alright, let's go out and try and get in a fight!’ This was just young dumb idiot actors thinking that that's going to bond us. Because we'll shed blood together blah blah blah. Just stupid actors thinking that they have to try and be method.
I'm not saying anything about method actors, but to go and try to fight somebody to become the character? I think that's a little immature, in hindsight. But it felt real and sort of visceral at the time. But I don't have any problem saying that I don't know what the hell story he was telling in his interview. I really don't. I've never seen him since then

But before you judge Shia LaBeouf (I know, it's easy to do) it turns out his tale might not be that tall.

While Tatum said he didn't smash any bookstore windows, he did admit to shattering a more ambiguous window. He explained that;

I definitely kicked in a window that night. But it wasn't Barnes and Nobles. Just a window. I was running. We were just running and being hoodlums and throwing trash bags down streets and just being stupid. We were trying to be like eighties hoodlums. And I think as we were running I kicked this thing, not thinking that it would ever shatter. And everything just went raining down. And I was like ‘oh shit.’ And then we just took off running

From the amount of times Chan managed to say running in that quote, maybe he might be the one with the less than reliable mind...

He did manage to dredge up even more memories of that wild night eight years ago though. Tatum reminisced that Shia LaBeouf;

punched a cop car. Then We all just ran in opposite directions. I didn't hide under a car, I dove in some trash bags. In hindsight it's the funniest thing in the world — just typical actors trying too hard. It's only fun because we didn't get caught … that I can have perspective on it now and know it was stupid. I don't think we were thinking

When questioned on his thought on the polarizing Shia LaBeouf, Tatum's well of conversation suddenly dried up though. He simply said;

The kid's an incredible actor. I just wish that he would just act. Just act, man!

Hmmmm. I get the impression that a certain someone doesn't approve of Beoufy's performance art phase....

Really, who can blame him!

Which side of the story do you believe? Explain your reasoning below!


Do you believe Channing Tatum or Shia LaBeouf?

(Source: The Wrap via GQ)

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