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When you think Nicholas Sparks, you probably don't think westerns. Passionate kissing in the rain, sure. Career making love affairs between attractive, star-crossed lovers, absolutely. Book sales through the roof, boy howdy yes.

But westerns? Not so much. That is, until now.

Deliverance Creek, Showtime's latest dramatic outing, is both produced by Nicholas Sparks, and a bonafide, all-guns-blazing western. So much so that it's set during the Civil War.

It's the story of Belle Gatlin Barlowe, whose attempts to protect her family's land lead her to become an outlaw - and question the very core of her morality. There will also, presumably, be a decently sized romantic subplot.

Fortunately, for anyone who might instinctively turn their nose up at Sparks' usual brand of romantic diversion, it also stars Six Feet Under's brilliant Lauren Ambrose (Belle), and actually looks really quite excellent.

You can check out the trailer below:

Showtime are reportedly viewing the 'two-hour programming event' - due this September - as a potential backdoor pilot, with the TV movie reportedly leaving enough open to be continued as a regular series.

[Deliverance Creek](series:1168533) is set to air September 13, 8PM ET. Don't want to miss a thing about the show? Subscribe here, and never go without again.


What do you guys think? Looking forward to Deliverance Creek?

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