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If you were in any doubt as to where Kristen Stewart's loyalties lie on the indie-blockbuster spectrum, don't worry - the actress has done her best to lay that doubt to rest.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, Stewart discussed her upcoming film The Clouds of Sils Maria - and in the process laid into "the Hollywood machine".

With the film itself being seen by many as a scathing examination of celebrity culture, Stewart's role as the personal assistant to a famous actress (Juliette Binoche) struggling with the industry after reaching her forties is - as well as being highly praised - a focal point for the film's feelings towards the media:

“The reason this movie was made was not to make a statement about how superficial media can be, but it was a lot of fun for me to be the one to say it. Obviously, I’ve had more experience with the media, so it makes it funnier...I don’t a have a personal assistant right now, but I have had one in the past and I definitely understand the dynamic. The difference is that I never had such a co-dependent relationship.”

She clearly holds strong feelings about Hollywood herself, though:

“When I take on a role, I really like to think, and I do not care what people think about them afterwards. I really want the experience. I think a lot of actors—not good ones—are just product oriented, as is the business.”

Some - though not all - of it negative:

“American movies are so packaged and delivered...They think for you. Like the stories in the tabloids—they’re so easily consumable. But that said, I love big American movies—they’re my foundation, what I grew up on—and I still want to do them.”

How the producers of Hollywood's biggest franchises will look at her mixed feelings remains to be seen - but it's good to see such a complex and intelligent response to the problem of fame - and another young megastar making such challenging films as [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082).

Is it too soon to start calling Stewart and Pattinson the Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy of the 21st Century?


What do you guys think? Is Kristen right to speak out about Hollywood?

via The Wall Street Journal


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