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Dania Lerman

There was Britney and Justin, wholesome Lindsay Lohan, and oh-so-many boy bands that melted our heart.

In addition to the legacy of these 00s icons, there's one VERY special lady who touched our preteen hearts just as dearly: the fierce and lovely Zoe Saldana.

Prior to her reign as Queen of Epic High Concept - Avatar, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Book of Life - she was an underrated, but nonetheless shining star in our boy-crazed world of plastic tattoo chokers and Baby-Gs. Here's why:

1) She was the TRUE star of Center Stage and everyone knows it.

Do I even need to say "attitude"? She was the only one to talk back to mega-douchebag Sandy Cohen - I mean... Jonathon - and still managed to steal the show. Jode's so gorgeous we (still) want to cry, but Eva makes the movie and you totally know it.


2) She was in a Chick Flick movie with pre-Spiderman Kirsten Dunst

So she wasn't exactly the star, but she acted alongside Kirsten Dunst in the age of Bring It On and Drop Dead Gorgeous... need I say more?


3) Crossroads. Period.

Beyond stating the obvious that she road-tripped with Britney Spears - could you get more 2002? - I'd like to remind you that she gave Britney some serious girl talk on "doing it" for the first time.


4) Drumline, 2002: She stole Nick Cannon's heart.

...wearing that jumpsuit.


5) She SLAPPED Jack Sparrow.

Maybe if he'd taken some time to watch Center Stage, he'd know not to piss her off.


6) She grew with us.

A true Millennial, she left behind the pom-poms and Soffe shorts for smartphones and digital effects... moving forward, before we know it, it'll be 2016 and she'll be back in Pandora for more Avatar action...


Here's to you, girl! Love you then, now, forever.


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