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  • Its Batman vs Superman

We all know Batman does not get along with anyone and has serious trust issues , would be cool to have Superman and Batman meeting up for the first time. Do we get to see what we saw in awesome animated two part Dark Knight returns movies , hope we would.

  • Lex Luthor

The arch enemy of superman who used to be very close friends , If you guys have seen Smallville you will love Lex as villian , Smallville was saved by Lex if you ask me else it would have just about teenage romance. Lex Luthor awlays has reason to hate Superman, he disapproves the idea of humans depending on an alien to save them.

  • Wonder Woman on big Screen

As most of people know that the [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) is the only superheroine who would stand against the likelihood of heroes like Batman and Superman and she's got invisble jet and comes from Amazon where only hot chicks live.

  • Set up for Justice League

By now we have clear information that Cyborg will in the movie but not sure about the extend to which he will be part of the movie. But still its a good move to have other hero camoes to set up for [Justice League](movie:401267).

  • DC Cinematic Universe

The success of this movie holds the key for progress in DC Cinematic universe and do individuals movies for Superhero's like [The Flash](series:1068303), Green Arrow, [Aquaman](movie:264237) and even reboot to Green Lantern.


Whats your reason to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


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