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[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is on the horizon, but one question more than any other hangs over the project: How exactly will Superman be able to beat the Batman?

Okay,all jokes aside...what I early mean is: how on earth will our favourite Vigilante take down or even wrestle, our out of this world reporter? Like, seriously.

Within the comics/cartoons we've seen Batman take down supernatural baddies (only word I could think of) and that worked,why? Because its a cartoon,but on the big screen that kiddy stuff reaaaaally ain't going to work,I mean you see batman fighting superman and you're wondering to yourself? Wait,why doesn't Clark just flick him or something! Logic is something as Movie-goers we chuck out the window but with the man of steel fighting the bat,logic has to come into play here.

How is the worlds most famous superhero going to fight or tackle Kal-el without looking stupid on screen, because clearly Clark can just kill batman with a flick. Josh Whedon's [The Avengers](movie:9040) showed us an example of two mighty beasts Thor and Hulk, well really just hulk, have a real kind of Zeus vs Hades fight! Which was truly epic to see & logically it kind of makes sense given were Thor is from and hulk is indestructible yada yada yada.

That in mind, Batman is just a man, at the end of the day he's just a human like you and me,so how is he exactly going to fight Kal,which brings me to my next point. I know kryptonite is being introduced into the world I assume,so maybe the plan is for Bruce to have himself a suit containing the rock,which brings me to another point,of this happens then things might just go downhill for DC/WB because basically this makes superman kind of useless.

How can everybody be fighting of bad guys in any future [Justice League](movie:401267) films, while the Man of Steel is rolling over crying because of a rock?.

You see what I mean now? How is this all going to correspond onto the big screen,remember it all looks well in comics and cartoons but on the big screen,logic comes into play & it's completely different.

How do you think Snyder will handle this? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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