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Today we took a huge step in our journey with GLOW - we launched the Kickstarter campaign we’ve spent endless hours planning. After pondering, assessing and reassessing the things we could offer to our most important audience ever, we’ve finally created a package that we hope will be everything our backers could hope for. That’s in addition to a great concept, artwork and screenplay, of course.

We hope that our campaign will make all of you into GLOWERS! Please visit to see everything we have to offer. And, just in case you aren’t convinced, here’s a sneak peak of a few of our favorite reward tiers below.

$10 - At this level, you’ll get access to our production blogs, so you’ll be in the know on all the behind-the-scenes updates.

$20 - Early bird pricing for a digital download of GLOW when it comes out

$175 - Early bird GLOW Collector’s Pitch Book

$2,500 - Spend a full day in the studio with the GLOW team

$5,000 - Our animators will animate YOU into the the GLOW feature

You can check out what MP thinks about our project here

There’s so much more waiting for you - just head on over to our Kickstarter page. Can’t wait to see you there! We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as we reach milestones in our campaign!


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