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After months of being drip fed tiny and tantalizing teasers, Guillermo del Toro's vampire thriller, The Strain, has finally got its first trailer.

If you like your vampires violent and bloodthirsty you should check it out, and for those of you that have read the trilogy of novels on which the show is based I have exciting news: we get our first glimpse of the Master.

Check it out:

It looks so awesome! As a massive fan of the novels, I'm really excited to see del Toro's stinger-shooting, uber-violent vamps on the small screen - there certainly won't be any sparkly bloodsuckers on show here.

However it's the first look at the Master that has really grabbed my attention. He's the big, bad, brutal vampire of the show and, despite it being a glimpse-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the trailer, I've grabbed a few screenshots of the evil Ancient one in action.

Now you don't see him...
Now you don't see him...
Here comes the Money Shot
Here comes the Money Shot

What you can see in the final image is the vampire "stinger". Unlike traditional vamps who sink their teeth into their victims, The Strain's bloodsuckers shoot out a retractable stinger that pierces the artery of the intended target, allowing the vampire to gorge on their blood.

It's messy stuff.

[The Strain](series:936019) premieres July 13th


Would you mess with the Master?


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