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In 17 days, Batman Begins will turn 9 years old. In celebration of that, I've compiled a list of my favorite movie facts about the first film in Nolan's Batman trilogy. The next two articles will be published within the week, and will be linked at the bottom of this article when released. Enjoy!

All facts were pulled from the Batman Begins IMDB page, unless stated or sourced otherwise.

Much of Batman's gear and apparel, including his cape and suit, is based on actual military technology. Watch the behind the scenes on how they designed and created the Batsuit here.

When Christian Bale and Liam Neeson were fighting on the frozen lake they could hear the ice cracking beneath their feet. The next day, the lake was completely melted.

Director Christopher Nolan is reputed to have been so fascinated with Cillian Murphy's bright blue eyes, that he kept trying to find reasons/ways to have Crane remove his glasses.

Although Christian Bale performed many of his own stunts, he wasn't allowed anywhere near the Batmobile.

First live action appearance by Scarecrow, a villain dating back to Batman's earliest comic stories. While considered for the 1960s TV series he was never used, and was to be the main villain in the fifth Burton/Schumaker film that was shelved.

At the time of this film's release, Forbes Magazine did a breakdown of how much it would actually cost to become Batman. The magazine estimated that total expenses in US dollars would be around $3.5 million. Also, the 2006 Forbes Fictional 15 ranks Bruce Wayne as the 7th richest fictional character with a net worth of approximately $6.8 billion.

The language used by actor Ken Watanabe is neither Japanese nor Tibetan, or in fact any known language at all. It's just some gibberish he says he made up himself for the role.

Contrary to the previous Batman films, in which the Batcave was realized as a combination of a live set and matte paintings (done either by hand or computer), no visual effects were used in this film to show the Batcave. The entire Batcave is instead a massive full-scale set. You can view how it was constructed here.

All the big name cast members were initially not told that the movie was a Batman movie as the script they were sent was titled "The Intimidation Game". Michael Caine commented that when he first saw the title, he assumed the script was some kind of gangster movie.

However, according to this article from MTV in 2005, things happened differently.

“We were under strict orders not to tell anybody anything about anything,” Caine said matter-of-factly, admitting that information was even kept from him at times. “I remember once I was talking on a show and I said, ‘I’m doing “Batman,” ‘ and they said, ‘Don’t tell them you’re doing “Batman,” tell them you’re doing “The Intimidation Game,” it’s a gangster film.’ I said, ‘Christopher, it’s “Batman.” I can’t tell them I’m doing “Intimidation Game.” ‘ I didn’t even know it was going to be called ‘Batman Begins’ until the end.”

Christian Bale lost his voice three times during filming after altering his voice while playing Batman.

This is the only Batman movie (both live action and animated) to celebrate Bruce Wayne's birthday. He turns 30 - you can see a big '30' in the background when Rachel comes by to give him his present.

Due to his part in The Machinist, Christian Bale was vastly underweight when he was under consideration for the part. After being cast, he was told to become as "big as you could be" by Christopher Nolan. Bale underwent a 6 month dietary and exercise regimen and ending up weighing about 220 pounds (about 40 pounds above his normal weight). It was decided that Bale had become too large (friends of his on the film's crew dubbed him "Fatman") and he quickly shed about 20 pounds to have leaner, more muscular frame. Bale described the experience as an unbearable physical ordeal. Click here to see an overview on Christian Bale's weight loss/gain throughout the past 12 years.

Ra's Al Ghul is Arabic for "The Demon's Head". This refers to his position at the height of the Brotherhood of the Demon, also called the League of Shadows.

Since Alfred's sense of duty and loyalty towards Bruce Wayne reminded him of the comradeship that exists in the military, Sir Michael Caine based his character's voice on that of a colonel he knew when he was in the army as an 18-year-old.

When the prisoners are all released from Arkham, briefly visible is Mr. Zsasz, a serial killer from the comics with tally marks scarred into his skin, representing each of his victims. Mr. Zsasz also appears in the courtroom in the beginning of the film where he is being transferred to Arkham Asylum by Dr. Crane.

Amy Adams read for Rachel Dawes during Christian Bale's screen test. She would go on to play Lois Lane in Batman vs. Superman (2015) ten years later.

That's all! Is there anything that you felt should have been in this list? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for facts on The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises!


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