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Griffin Rushton

Let me start by first defining how much I love the X-Men. I really love how deep the X-Men are compared to all other superhero teams because there is so much symbolism and thematic intensity in all of their sotries. I loved X-Men: Days of Future Past because I figured out that DOFP was the finale to the story they started back in 2000 with X-Men.

----------------Be in mind Spoilers occur after this point.------------

Days of Future Past shows how the rising issue between mutats and humans came to an all time high. I watched all of the previous movies in timeline order and you can see movie by movie how humans started becoming more and more intense in their attacks on mutants. For a long time I thought the X-Men movies were boring because it was the same story over and over, but now I see that they were all one big story, and now, the franchise is set to start a new story with X-Men: Apocalypse.

I, like Hugh Jackman, am reinvigorated with the franchise now because I see so much potential in future films because the actors themselves are willing to reprise their roles film after film after film. I'm specifically talking about actors such as Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Shawn Ashmore, and Halle Berry who have all have been in the movies since 2000. Even Famke Janessen has been involved even though her character was killed off. I think FOX has the biggest advantage over Marvel in this aspect because Robert Downey Jr. has done 4 movies in 5 years and currently he is almost being forced into doing more while Hugh Jackman is going on his 8th movie in 16 years and WANTS MORE. This dedication is what is making X-Men stand above the other franchises. There have been 2 Spiderman, 2 Hulk, 2 Batman, 2 Superman actors all within the time of the X-Men franchise.

Now, the thing that makes X-Men successful is that they are a team-based movie with emphasis on one character for certain aspects. I think the Avenger's strategy is flawed because there are broad fans and then specific fans for different characters but if one character isn't featured enough on screen, then there are issues, but in X-Men, the movies have always been about the team, not about the individuals.

What I'm excited about for X-Men: Apocalypse is that it is finally time for a lot of brand new mutants and the expanse of previous mutants. DOFP was great, but really, there were only 5 new mutants, 2 of which didn't talk. They weren't expanded upon on a charcter standpoint like Wolverine, Rogue, Iceman, Storm, etc. are. So I've comprised a list of mutants I think should be introduced and those who should be included.


Professor X: He is guranteed

Magneto: Guranteed

Mystique: Guranteed

Beast: Guranteed

Wolverine: I think Wolverine's role should be an undertone. They should include some scenes about him and Stryker (Mystique) but he should NOT be the main pull

Quicksilver: I'm excited for the family dynamic between Magneto and QS

Havok: He was apart of First Class and is still alive in DOFP so I don't see why Xavier won't rerecruit him for the cause

Cyclops (younger): I would enjoy a younger Scot Summers but they need to establish that Havok and Cyclops are brothers. Even though Scot is older than Alex in the comics, I think it is an acceptable change to make for film continuity sakes.

Storm (younger): She is an X-Men staple and should be introduced with her African origins.

Jean Grey (younger): I think that they way they contact Jean should be different than The Last Stand because the circumstances are different.

Nightcrawler: I love nightcrawler, but I think they need to adress the family ties between Mystique and Azazel because they are Nightcrawler's parents. I also think Nightcrawler should be in the Munich Circus at the time.


Scarlet Witch: Magneto and Quicksilver with no Scarlet Witch? Come on. I wouldn't mind if they weren't twins? I don't think they are going to be because I feel like she would've come up in DOFP.

Polaris: She should be mentioed, cameo, but not old enough for battle.

Gambit: I put him in new because it will be a new actor. I think Gambit's role should be more of a side character that comes and goes and is there for backup when needed. I see him as having a Wolverine type role but Definietely not as large.

Aurora & Northstar: Here is where I think the franchise can get some freshness. These two are twins and I think that since Quicksilver and Scartlet Witch are not going to be twins, these two can provide that dynamic. I think their light and flight powers are very visualy stunning and can be great to see on screen. Northstar is also openly gay and would add another level of acceptability seen throughout the X-Men franchise. Another thought instead of these two is Dazzler. She also has light based powers, but 3 light-based X-Men? That's too much.

The issue I see brewing in this film is how much family is being involved. A lot of the more popular X-Men were featued in the future timeline and past timeline and a lot were killed, but there are a lot of family connections still left. Right now I see a big Magneto Family, Summers Family, Mystique/Nightcralwer think going on which could be interesting if done right.

Now about those Horsemen, I think there are many different directions for the Horsemen. 4 old mutants could be used, but new ones could be introduced. I think they should do a little of both.

Death= Wolverine, isn't Wolverine's time as being the anti-hero getting old? I would like to see him fighting the X-Men and the way they're dealing with it.

Famine= Sunfire, this would be a very visual mutant on the same degree as Sunspot

Pestilence= Mister Sinister, He is a mutate and I think that it would be interesting if humans took to trying to make mutants after DOFP's events. Also, Mister Sinsiter becomes Havok's and Cyclop's foster parent soooooo that would be cool to see.

War= Deathbird, she could be a foil to Angel as being a winged mutant.

So this movie potentially could have up to 19 mutants involved, which is about the same as DOFP but in one timeline. I personally think more mutants is better because in movies like The Last Stand, I was confused on how 6 mutants, some with less than adventious powers, were able to take down an entire army of mutants led my Magneto. And this is Apocalypse and the Horsemen. This has to be big.

Split Films/Same Timeline?

Now, the end of DOFP brought some fan-favorite characters back into play. YAY! But it kind of makes me sad thinking that this cast is never going to shine again. I mean there was a solid actor for Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Prof X, Magneto, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Iceman, Colossus, and Beast and now it's over?

Personally, I think I would prefer to see X-Men: Apocalypse with the future cast, because they're just so good and familiar with each other and we have yet to see all 9 of those X-Men in costume fighting alongside each other. Sure James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are great, but I don't feel as satisfied watching the older timelines knowing what comes in the future.

In my ideal world, the producers would make two movies simultaneously. One in the past and one in the future. I know that this would never fly in Hollywood and timeline wise, what? But I just don't want to let go of this awesome cast. Here is my ideal team against Apocalypse set in 2023.

Wolverine= Hugh Jackman

Cyclops= James Marsden

Jean Grey=- Famke Jannesen

Storm= Halle Berry

Rogue= Anna Paquin

Kitty Pryde= Ellen Page

Colossus= Daniel Cudmore

Iceman= Shawn Ashmore

Nightcrawler= Alan Cumming

Angel= Ben Foster

With others including

Professor X= Patrick Stewart

Magneto= Ian McKellan

Mystique= Rebecca Romjin

Quicksilver= Much older actor then Evan Peters


So in the end, which cast would you rather see fight Apocalypse? Future or Past?


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