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Whovian Leap

We have all seen how Doctor Who fans' imaginations run riot on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. A day doesn't pass without photos of the Tenth Doctor and Rose popping up on your favourite social networks. A poem here, a joke there. Oh look a meme! Another gif! All creative expressions of our love for the show.

But listen up, quite literally. There's a new boy in town and this time it ain't Peter Capaldi! We are talking about a social network where you can post your favourite pics, but here's the genius idea... you can accompany them with ten seconds of your favourite song from ITunes. Its name? Tunepics! "The Guardian" newspaper described Tunepics as "the photo app that lets you add mood music from iTunes". The site has already enjoyed celebrity endorsements by, Lorde and Jamie Oliver to name a few. Whovian Leap has checked it out and it's actually quite addictive. It's bound to be as a massive a hit as Facebook. It reminds me of a musical Twitter. And if you download it, you won't be alone. The Whovians have already arrived! We can find a plethora of Doctor Who pics on the app, usually accompanied by Murray Gold's theme. But it could and should be so much more! Doctor Who fans can do better! This is my Whovian call to arms! How many times has a scene from Doctor Who reminded us of us a song? When Rose absorbed all of the time vortex, how many of us were reminded of the Thompson Twins lyrics - "Doctor Doctor! I'm burning, burning!". There are so many classic scenes crying out to be accompanied by mood music or our favourite tunes! The Second Doctor sent to Earth by the Time Lords could be accompanied by Vic Reeves' "Dizzy". Matt Smith dropping his bow tie for the last time begs for disco classic "Please Don't Go!" Even Jimi Hendrix has the perfect song for Tom Baker's appearance in "The Day of the Doctor". Our imagination is the limit! So in the wait for Series 8, download TunePics and discover a brand new way of expressing your fan love! Very soon it won't just be "diddly dum diddly dum" we are tapping our feet to!


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